bye bye relaxstuff

It’s been almost two years since relaxstuff is online. During this time more than 16,000 posts were published, more than 3,000 people are following across three social networks.

It’s been fun!

Now comes the time to tell you all “good bye”. While I will be keeping the twitter (@relaxstuff), facebook ( and tumblr ( accounts, the number of posts will decrease a lot. Probably not more than a couple per week.

I have the feeling (or, rather, the hope) that many of you will be asking “WHY?”. Well, as I mentioned before (can’t find the link to the post though), this blog took (and still takes) too much time and work (filtering the pictures mainly but also adding the sources, researching those sources to find their twitter account, etc). I feel there’s a whole world of other things I can be doing instead.

If you are a photographer or model and want your pictures removed, please e-mail me (same address: and I will delete them.

If you want to submit a picture (it has to be your work, not taken from someone else), you can do so to the above mentioned address.

Bye bye all!


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